Rudra Arif is a Bangladeshi poet, translator, film activist, journalist and entrepreneur. He was born in 27 January 1984 in Ekhlashpur, Matlab North, Chandpur, Bangladesh, to now retired banker Abdul Hamid and housewife Afia Begum. He wrote his first poem at very early age. Since then it becomes a breath space for him!

Rised up and spend life till mid-teenage in home village, on the bank of the river Meghna. Then and till now, he spending his time on the capital city, Dhaka. About four hundreds poems and several short stories, prosess etc he has been written till now, and most of these are published in a vast area of leading newspapers to little-mags and web portals. Three books of poetry of him have been published, titled : Open Air Concerter Kobita [Poems from an open air concert; 2009]; Rampmodeler Bathtubey Ondho Kocchop [A Blind Tutle in the Bathtub of a Ramp-Model; 2012] & Haarer Garage [The Garase of Bone; 2015]. Bangla is his language to speak and write. Some times he translates his poetry from Bangla to English, by own. He edited three literary little-mag, called Guhachitra [Altamira; 2002]; Hardbrake [2003] & Zebra [2004].

To be a filmmaker, he learned filmmaking from reknown filmmaker Mostofa Sarwar Farooki, and worked a long period as an Assistant Director of Chabial [a Mostofa Sarwar Farooki Production House]; though he yet to start his journey of own! As a Film Activist, he translated & edited  several important film books; among these are, Tarkovskyr Diary [Time Within Time by Andrei Tarkovsky; 2012], Antonionir Cine-Jogot [Film World of Michelangelo Antonioni; 2012]; François Truffaut : Prem O Dehogrosto Filmmaker [François Truffaut : Love & Sex Addict Filmmaker; 2011]; Kiarostamir Cine-Rasta [Film Roads of Abbas Kiarostami; 2017]; Smritir Tarkovsky [Remembering Andrei Tarkovsky; 2018]; Kurosawar Atmojiboni [Something Like an Autobiography by Akira Kurosawa]; Cinewala [3 volumes of Film Essays on 10 master filmmakers in each; 2014-2017]; Filmmakerer Bhasha [A co-editing film-book series with Bijoy Ahmed; 4 volumes parted by Iran, Africa, Latin America & South Korea; collections of 10 master filmmakers interviews in each; 2009-2016]. He is the Editor of an online cult film journal in Bangla, named FILMFREE.

As a Senior Sub-Editor, he worked at The Samakal, a leading Bangla Daily Newspaper from Dhaka, since July 2005 to July 2018. He served as the Page Editor of Ghashforing [weekly supplement for Kids], Alor Pothozatri [weekly supplement for Youth], Chakri Niye [weekly supplement for job-seekers], Suhrid Samabesh [weekly supplement and ogranization of readers], Aj Shonibar [weekly supplement for mix-up] & Kurir Pore [weekly supplement for teenagers]. In August 2018, he has joined to another leading Daily Newspaper called The Kaler Kantho, & serving as the Page Editor of Kothai Kothai [weekly supplement on Conversation] & Campus [weekly supplement for University Students].

Along with close friends, eecently he has founded an integrative advertising agency, named MythVillage; and he’s serving the role of Chief Executive Officer. He is the Editor of Watermelon and Others, a MythVillage Publication and an online web portal on Advertising.